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LinkScan Main Menu

The LinkScan Main Menu is the main entry point to all of the LinkScan Reports.

Use this menu to select the type of report you want to create. Optionally, you may also select an Owner.

Report Selection

You must select one of the individual Reports and submit the form by pressing Select Report.

A help page is available for each type of LinkScan Report. You may view the appropriate help page at any time by using the Help option on the context-sensitive LinkScan Toolbar. You may also use the [?] links on the LinkScan Main Menu, or the links provided in the summary table below.

The most frequently used reports have been organized in the left hand column; we suggest new users start there. Also, many of the reports incorporate hyperlinks to other reports. This means you can use a drill-down paradigm to view more detail associated with a specific problem or document. For example, some users may never explicitly select a LinkScan/QuickCheck Report. But they will likely view reports of that type by following the [Src] links from other reports.

Summary of Available Reports

Project Summary Report
Summary statistics for the current project
Summary of All Projects Report
Summary statistics for all configured projects
Problem Documents Report
List documents containing potential problems
Selected Status Codes Report
List errors of specific types
Document Detail Report
List all/selected documents
All Pages Linking To ... Report
Find pages that link to...
Critical Errors Report
List most critical errors
Orphaned Files Report
List orphaned files
Detailed Errors Report
List all/selected errors
External History Report
View history of an external link
Changed Documents Report
Compare two scans of the current project
Redirections Report
List a summary of redirections
Search Documents Report
Ad hoc searching: document-centric
System Configuration Report
Display current LinkScan configuration settings
Search Links Report
Ad hoc searching: link-centric
View source code and detailed analysis of a document
SiteMap Report
Display LinkScan SiteMap
Display LinkScan TapMap

Owner Selection

The LinkScan Main Menu may include an Owner Selection Box. If enabled, this option will allow you to select a sub-set of the website to which subsequent reports will apply.

In a default configuration, the Owner Selection Box will include entries for each top-level directory scanned, in addition to the special entry "All". This will be the default selection and subsequent reports will apply to the entire website scanned.

Note however, that the LinkScan Administrator may configure and customize the manner in which Owners are created. Hence your installation may appear and behave somewhat differently from that described herein.

SubMenu Selection

In many cases, when you submit the form by pressing Select Report you will be presented with a second menu of options. Initially, we suggest you accept the default options which have been carefully designed to produce excellent results in the vast majority of situations. However, to learn more, you may use the context-sensitive Help button on the LinkScan Toolbar at any time.

LinkScan Toolbar

Each of the LinkScan Menus and Reports includes a common LinkScan Toolbar. It contains a number of links:

 Main Menu   Preferences   Advanced   Help   Reference   HowTo   Card 

The Main Menu link will always return you to the LinkScan Main Menu.

The Preferences link will always take you to the LinkScan Login and Preferences Menu.

The Advanced link appears when appropriate and it will cause the current menu to be redrawn with additional options.

The Help link will display an appropriate section of the LinkScan Documentation depending upon the current context.

The Reference link will display the table of contents for the LinkScan Reference Manual.

The HowTo link will display a brief How To Guide with instructions for completing certain Common Tasks.

The Card link will display the LinkScan Quick Reference Card.

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