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LinkScan SiteMap Report

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LinkScan SiteMap Report

The LinkScan SiteMap Report displays the structure of the website.

Use this report to display the structure of a website and review the clarity of the Document Titles. The SiteMap may be displayed either in Directory Order (a simple sort of the URL's scanned) or in Link Order (based on the structure of the hyperlinks within the site).

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This report displays the LinkScan SiteMap. Options are provided to control the depth of the SiteMap as well as various presentation formats. The SiteMap enables the user to produce a site map that includes every document on a website arranged in a hierarchical format that resembles a book's table of contents. SiteMap and TapMap include customization features so that users may more easily and quickly create publication quality roadmaps of their sites. A SiteMap assists navigation on large and/or complex websites. It is also an excellent tool for webmasters to review the overall site design and structure and often reveals inadequate or inaccurate page titles.

Presentational options include:


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