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Spam: How to Fight it - Elsop's Anti-Spam Page

  • Spam Cop - A very quick and easy way to complain to a spammer's service provider
  • InterNIC Whois (com, org, edu) - Locate Technical Contact for complaints in USA
  • Worldwide Domain Name Lookup - Locate Hosts to complain to in the rest of the world

  • 0Spam is a free, virtually 100% effective anti-spam service designed for POP E-mail accounts
  • - Project to Stop Unsolicited Bulk Email
  • All About Frauds and Scams on the Internet
  • Anti-Spam Campaign - Directory of Spam-Fighting Information and Resources
  • Anti-Spam Research Group (ASRG)
  • Blacklist of Internet Advertisers
  • Death to Spam - A Guide to Dealing with Unwanted E-Mail
  • Do-it-yourself: Stop junk mail, email and phone calls
  • Finding Hidden Senders in All That E-mail Gobbledygook (NYT)
  • Habeas Sender Warranted Email
  • How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers
  • Investment Fraud on and off the internet
  • JunkBusters - Bust the Junk Out of your Life
  • - Junk Email Resource Page
  • FAQ Launcher: Filter Mail FAQ
  • Fight Spam on the Internet! - Boycott Internet Spam!
  • Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts or alt.spam FAQ
  • Filtering SPAM By Checking Who The Message Is Addressed To
  • Filtering Mail with Eudora 3
  • Lyris MailShield: email filtering software to stop spam and prevent relay
  • MAPS RBL (Mail Abuse Protection System Realtime Blackhole List)
  • Robots and Mail Filtering - Infinite Ink
  • Robots, Spiders, Crawlers and Wanderers - Highway Robbers on your Website
  • Spam Assassin
  • SPAMbaffle - a Spam Filter for QMail
  • Spam Bouncer (The) - Procmail Spam Filter
  • SpamCon Foundation: to reduce spam (junk email)
  • Spamlook 2003 - Antispam plug-in specifically for Microsoft Outlook
  • Spam: Know the Facts
  • Stop Junk Email
  • Tracking the Elusive Spammer by Gary Shuster (Computer Bits)
  • Unsolicited Bulk Email: Mechanisms for Control (Internet Mail Consortium)
  • Where To Complain About Frauds & Scams on the Internet - E-mail Addresses

    Legislations Against Spam

  • Federal statutes and pending bills
  • State statutes and pending bills in the United States
  • FED - Pending - Unsolicited Commercial Email Choice Act of 1997 - Senate Bill 771

    If You Spam You will be Jailed and/or Pay Huge Fines

  • CA - Enacted Law - AB 1629 - Sending email ads fined up to $25,000 a day
  • CA - Enacted Law - AB 1676 - Return email address required or fine of $500 each
  • NV - Enacted Law - SB 13 - Crime to send unsolicited commercial e-mail
  • VA - Enacted Law - Law will Jail Spammers or Fine $500 per e-mail
  • WA - Enacted Law - ESHB 2752 - Crime to send unsolicited commercial e-mail

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