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Robots, Spiders, Crawlers and Wanderers - Highway Robbers on your Web Site

Robots that visit your website and cull e-mail addresses from your pages and other robots, know as websuckers or sitesuckers, that download your entire website in violation of your copyright are a major problem. These robots are assisting people in spamming you and copying your website. In addition, they consume enormous amounts of bandwidth that you pay for and contribute to your site going over hit quotas. The following resources help you identify the culprits and tell you what they do. You'll also find information about how to exclude them from your website. Please note that not all robots are bad. You do want to encourage the major search engines to send their robots to your site to index your pages and include the pages in their databases. It is mainly the private robots used by individuals that are abused and violate your privacy.

  • BotSpot: The Spot for all Bots & Intelligent Agents
  • Crawling the Web: A guide to robots, spiders, and other shadowy denizens of the Web
  • Robot Exclusion Standard - Implementation and Use
  • Robot Exclusion Standard Revisisted - Complete description of the /robots.txt file
  • Web Robots Database - List of all Active Robots
  • Web Robots FAQ

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