LinkScan for Unix. Reference Manual.

Section 3

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New LinkScan Installations

This section describes the pre-requisites for LinkScan and leads into step-by-step instructions for performing a new installation.

  1. Hardware Requirements
  2. Prerequisites
  3. Installation Step-by-Step

3.1 Hardware Requirements

LinkScan is supported on a wide variety of platforms including:

We do not recommend Windows 95/98/ME for scanning large websites of more than 5000 documents. Although LinkScan has been tested on websites of significantly greater size, performance and stability will be much improved when running under operating systems with a true multi-processing implementation such as Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista or Linux/Unix.

Disk and memory requirement depend almost exclusively on the size and nature of the website(s) to be analyzed. However, the following guidelines are intended to assist users with their capacity planning needs:

3.2 Prerequisites

To successfully install and configure LinkScan on your computer you must have:

  1. An appropriate version of Perl Version 5 installed on your computer. You may download a version suitable for your system via:

  2. A copy of the LinkScan software and a LinkScan License Key. Both are available from:

3.3 Installation Step-by-Step

We recommended that new users get a fast start by jumping to one of the following pages:

LinkScan for Unix. Reference Manual. Section 3. New LinkScan Installations
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