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Document Detail Report

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Document Detail Report

The Document Detail Report displays a one-line summary for each HTML document scanned.

Use this report to view an overview of the scope of a scan. Hyperlinks are provided so the user may drill-down to view more details.

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The Document Detail Report includes a sub-menu of options. Select one of the following Sort options:

The Newest/Oldest sort option is based upon the date/time each document was last modified. Depending on your LinkScan and web server configurations, this information may not be available to LinkScan. Typically, it's not available for dynamically generated documents.

Select Documents Only to display only the HTML (or similar) documents. Select All File Types to include all file types including images, binaries etc.

Select Only Documents with Errors to display a report that includes only documents that contain one or more errors/warnings.

The Summary/Detail Report will display a one line summary of each document scanned including:

[Src] This hyperlink will display a LinkScan/QuickCheck Report for the selected document. This optionally includes, the HTML source code of the document and the status of each link together with any HTML syntax errors.

[Ref] This hyperlink will display a report listing all of the documents that Link To this document (Referers).

[Img] This hyperlink will display a report showing the page load times for the document at various connection speeds together with a summary of the all the in-line images within this document.


The Advanced Menu options provide additional filters that may be applied to the report:

You may also Include or Exclude certain documents based on their pathnames. See LinkScan Include/Exclude Filters.

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