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The LinkScan QuickCheck Report displays a highly detailed report for a specific document. LinkScan QuickCheck may be accessed directly, but it is also invoked automatically by the [Src] hyperlinks in various other LinkScan reports. LinkScan QuickCheck also includes the ability to perform a real-time analysis of a document.

Use this report to examine the detail of a specific web page or document. In particular, it displays link status errors in the context of the HTML markup in which they arose. This report may also be used to perform a complete re-scan a single document, for example, to validate changes or corrections.

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LinkScan QuickCheck provides the greatest level of reporting detail for any given document including options to display:

If the selected document is within the scope of the current Project, LinkScan QuickCheck will display the link status information based on the results of the last complete scan for that Project. Select the Realtime Check option to force a fresh scan of the selected document.

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