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Orphaned Files Report

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Orphaned Files Report

The Orphaned Files Report displays a list of files that were found on the servers file system but, had no hyperlinks pointing at them.

Use this report to identify files that are no longer is use. In some cases you will want to archive or delete them, and in others you may need to restore some navigational links so they may be found by users.


On UNIX systems only, the Lnk column of the report may contain:

  • "Lnk": Indicates that the listed Orphaned File is, in fact, a Symlink.

  • "+": A plus sign indicates that the listed Orphaned File was found by following a file system Symlink. Such entries may represent duplicate pointers to actual files that may or may not themselves be Orphaned.

Check Hide Files Found via Symlinks on the Orphaned Files Menu to supress the potential duplicate entries from the report.

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The report is automatically disabled if the last scan was completed without orphan checking. Orphan checks require that LinkScan have direct access to the file system on the target server, locally or via the network. See File System Scanning and Orphaned Files.


If selected, the Advanced Menu offers the following additional options:

Apply Include/Exclude Filters.

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