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LinkScan Include/Exclude Filters

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LinkScan Include/Exclude Filters

The Include/Exclude Filters are available on a number of the different LinkScan Reports, often when selecting the Advanced menu options.

Use the filters to include or exclude references matching specific pathnames when generating the report.

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This feature may be used to filter the list of documents included within the scope of a selected report. Several controls may be provided on the Menu:

Matches on Referer
Matches on Target
Matches on Either
Include Pathnames:
Exclude Pathnames:

The Include and Exclude fields are used to define the patterns to be included or excluded. The patterns may be matched against the pathname of the Referer document, Target document, or either.

The Include and Exclude patterns take advantage of powerful Perl Regular Expressions. Comprehensive documentation for Perl Regular Expressions is widely available on-line. For example, see: Some simple examples are described below.

  1. To exclude all files in the test directory:

    Enter the following in the Exclude box:


    Note that you must not include the part of the URL.

  2. To exclude multiple test directories such as:



  3. To make the match case insensitive to exclude:



  4. The dollar sign may be used to indicate an end of string. For example:


    Will match all .htm files but not .html files.

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