LinkScan for Windows. Reference Manual.

Section 13

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LinkScan Enterprise/Unlimited Extensions

LinkScan Enterprise and LinkScan Unlimited incorporate the additional option to scan multiple hosts (or virtual hosts) within a single LinkScan Project. The following parameters must be configured in linkscan.cfg for each host:

Host1.URL    =
Host1.Short  = www:

Each host must be configured with a one or two digit number in the range 1 to 99. In this context, '1' and '01' are considered to be equivalent.

The URL setting specifies the URL of a specific host. The Short setting specifies an abbreviated form of the URL which is used to save real-estate on the various LinkScan Reports.

In addition, the following per-host parameters are optional:

Host1.Mirror =
Host1.Nocase = 1
Host1.Path   = /usr/vhosts/devex/

The Path setting sets the File System root for this host. The Mirror setting specifies an alternate URL to be used for all HTTP requests. All tags are resolved using the URL setting but any physical HTTP requests are directed to the host specified by the Mirror setting (typically a development/staging server). The Nocase setting may be set to a positive integer to indicate that the specified host uses case insensitive pathnames (i.e. index.html and INDEX.HTML are considered identical).

In addition, when operating in multi-host mode, all of the LinkScan commands that normally include host-relative expressions, must be modified to use Absolute URLs. For example:

Exclude serverlogs/

Should be specified as:


We can put all of this together with the following example:

# Hostalias -- maps all https: references back to http:
# Extrahome -- submits login form (?? selects POST method)
# Exclude   -- prevents premature logout
# Maxcgi    -- large value to test many query strings

Homeurl =
Host1.URL =
Host1.Short = www:
Host2.URL =
Host2.Short = app:

Extrahome =
Exclude .*LOGOFF
Maxcgi = 5000

The behavior of the Owner *N command is automatically modified when scanning multiple hosts within a single Project. Ownership is assigned based on the Short name for that host and the top level directory name within that host. Hence, the document:

is assigned to Owner www:somedir.

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