LinkScan for Windows. Reference Manual.

Section 4

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Upgrading Existing LinkScan Installations

This section describes how to upgrade an existing LinkScan installation to LinkScan Version 12.4.

Existing LinkScan 9.0 (or earlier) Users

In view of the dramatic enhancements since LinkScan 9.0, we strongly recommend that you perform a clean installation into a brand new folder; C:\LinkScan12\ is the suggested default.

Once you are completely satisfied with the new setup, you may manually delete the old LinkScan folder and all of its contents to remove the prior version and recover that disk space.

Existing LinkScan 10.0 (or later) Users

Simply install LinkScan 12.4 on top of your existing LinkScan files (typically under C:\LinkScan10\ or C:\LinkScan12\).

LinkScan for Windows. Reference Manual. Section 4. Upgrading Existing LinkScan Installations
LinkScan Version 12.4
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