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This document describes the LinkScan System Options property sheet dialog. You may press the property sheet Help button at any time to display the applicable section of this document.

In general, all users will need to access the Basic Settings Tab. Those who are required to use Proxy Servers will need to configure the Proxies Tab. The remaining tabs are optional and many users will leave them at the factory defaults.

Basic Settings Tab

LinkScan requires a License Key. Fully functional 15-day trial licenses are available free of charge:

Enter the:

LinkScan also requires the full pathname to the Perl.exe executable on your computer. In most cases, LinkScan will be able to discover this automatically. If not, you will need to supply the pathname using the Find button and File Open dialog.


LinkScan uses a Webserver to generate all of the reports. LinkScan includes a fully integrated and fully functional Webserver. We recommend you use this but do not exclude the option of using an existing Webserver on your computer. Select one of the following options:

Proxies Tab

Depending on your network environment, LinkScan may need to know about any Proxy Servers that are required to access computers on the private and/or public networks. You may be able to figure out these requirements by examining the configuration of your normal web browser. If not, you will need to contact your Network Administration personnel.

Display Tab

The settings on the Display Tab control the behavior of the Exam Button on the main Projects Window.

By default, the Results of a Scan are displayed using the internal LinkScan Web Browser.

Select Use Windows Default Browser if you want the Exam Button to launch the Windows default browser. The Microsoft Windows implementation does require valid Windows Registry settings in order to work reliably. Sadly, those settings are frequently corrupted by badly behaved applications (a.k.a. "registry wars").

See this footnote for some help on repairing your registry.

Webserver Tab

The following settings on the WebServer Tab control the behavior of the LinkScan CGI scripts. They permit the CGI's to generate valid hyperlinks to themselves and to the LinkScan documentation.

Host/Access Tab

Directories Tab

Use this tab to make additional directories webserver-visible.


Use this tab to associate specific file extensions with the corresponding MIME types.

Environment Tab

This tab allows you specify what Environment Variables will be set for processes that execute CGI scripts.

Advanced Tab

This tab may be used to enter or modify some rarely used commands not otherwise available via the graphical interface. See the LinkScan Quick Reference Card for a complete list.

Notes Tab

Unlike old fashioned configuration files that normally accept comment lines, graphical user interfaces do not generally allow you to make notes (for example, the reasons for a change to the configuration, when it was made and by whom). We miss that nice feature!

Hence you may use the Notes tab to annotate a Project with your own comments. These are saved as part of the Project Plan.

Windows Default Browser

When you click the Exam button, LinkScan sends a signal to Windows instructing it to send your default browser to the specified URL. Sadly, various software packages interfere with the your normal Windows settings, usually in an attempt to control your desktop. This drives us crazy too! The following steps may help you regain control of these settings:

  1. Open My Computer

  2. Select: Tools | Folder Options | File Types

  3. Now hunt for this entry:

    URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol

  4. Select that entry and click Advanced

  5. Edit the Action (or create a new Action) for:


  6. Edit the settings for open

  7. For Microsoft Internet Explorer set:

    Application used to perform action: "C:\...\iexplore.exe" -nohome

    Include the quotes and adjust the path to point at the MSIE executable on your system


    DDE Message: "%1",,-1,0,,,,

    Application: IExplore

    DDE Not Running: [leave blank]

    Topic: WWW_OpenURL

  8. For Netscape set:

    Application used to perform action: "C:\...\netscape.exe" -h "%1"

    Include the quotes and adjust the path to point at the Netscape executable on your system


    DDE Message: %1

    Application: NSShell

    DDE Not Running: [leave blank]

    Topic: WWW_OpenURL

  9. Save those settings

LinkScan System Options
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